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Q: Where should you sleep if you are not married?
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If a married man asks you to sleep with him should you?

No, say your sorry but you couldn't do that to his wife

Are you not married if you dont sleep in same bed my ex came home and he thinks if we dont sleep in same bed were not mrried true or false?

False-married's should be in the same bed but still married if they don't. You should not cohabitate with an ex if you are the least bit uncomfortable about him being there & should be free to move on unhindered.

Should you sleep with a married man who isn't happy?

no you should but it not your fault if the man tells u he loves you n not his wife

Should you sleep with someone else when you are already married?

hell no if you are married the only one you should be sleeping with is you spouse unless your having a threesome or are in an open marriage but even then in ethically unwise

Should married couples sleep over at people's houses?

If they sleep together and not with anyone else sleepovers should be fine. If either partner would rather be home, then they need to return home.

How long should a woman wait to sleep with a guy she is dating?

She should wait until they get married. If you don't wait it can cause a lot of heartbreak.

Why do single women sleep with married men?

better question... why do married men sleep with anyone who is not their wife?

How do you tell your fiance you pee in bed that's why you don't want to sleep with him and when should i tell him before or after we get married?

Just tell him. He won't care. You already know he loves you. ANyways why would he propose? Tell him before because once you get married you sleep together.

How much hours should you sleep?

You should sleep 9 hours

How do you get a girl on bed?

Well if she's not you're wife you really shouldn't be sleeping with her in the first place and if you are married she should want too sleep with you so it should be simple really

What do german couples do the night before they get married?


How do you get it to have a baby?

You first get married to a men then you sleep with them then you have a babby