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Advance the distributor until the engine pings then back off to the point the engine stops pinging, tighten the distributor. This will require driving a few test runs.

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Q: Where should the timing be at on a 383 stroker motor with vacum advance?
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Timing for 383 stroker?

how do i find the timing on my 383 400 hp stroker motor

What size val is in a 350 stroker motor?

It depends on which heads whomever built the stroker motor decided to use.

How much horsepower does a 388 stroker motor have?

375 hp

Should timing be advanced or retard on high performance motor?

Neither. The timing should be set to factory specifications.

305 Chevy block with a 327 crankshaft stroker motor?

That would be a destroked motor, and would result in a 285.

What is a stroker motor?

the crank shaft has been changed to alter the travel of the piston in the cylinder

Can you make a ford motor into a 383 stroker?

If you wanted to put a 3.75" stroker crankshaft with a with a 0.05" offset grind into a Ford engine with a 4" bore (such as a Windsor 351) you could make a 383ci Ford stroker. But as for making the traditional Chevy stroker engine, you can't turn a Ford engine into a Chevy engine.

What is the difference between a standard engine and a stroker engine?

The very basic answer is the crank shaft. There is a greater distance from the main journal and the rod journal on a stroker. This causes the stroke of the piston to be greater from top to bottom in the cylinder. Thus the term stroker motor.

Does the timing chain need to be changed on a 2UZ-FE motor?

The 2UZ-FE motor does not have a timing chain but a timing belt and it should be changed between 90k and 100k miles along with the water pump.

Timing on 396 in 1969 Chevelle?

6, to 8 degrees, advanced. Advance it as far as you can, until the motor pings on acceleration, or, under load.

What should the timing be set at for a 1998 Chevy pickup with a 5.7 motor?

There is no timing ajustment, Its controled by ECM- Computer.

What are your preliminary steps to setting the timing on a 1989 Chevy S-10 2.5L and what are the degrees of advance?

AnswerMost of the time, the steps to take to set the timing are on the catalyst sticker under the hood. But first, you must get the vehicle into base timing (usually disconnect a wire from distributor). Remove distributor hold down bolt, hook up timing light to #1 spark plug wire, start engine, and align timing mark (0°) Once this is set, reconnect the wire you had to disconnect for base timing. Timing advance will automatically set itself. if it doesn't, you have a faulty timing advance mechanism on the distributor. You can check timing advance by pointing the timing light at scale (while hooked up to #1 spark plug wire) and rev the motor. Timing marks should move up the scale.On many GM cars and trucks the wire that you disconnect is solid gray in color, it is in the wiring harness on the firewall, the wire has a black plug for separating when doing the timing.