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The Smiths are spread throughout Wizard City. There is no "Wizard City Smith" if you are looking for the Commons Smith, he is in the Carnival near the wall behind the tents.

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Q: Where is the wizard city Smith in wizard 101?
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Where is the commons smith in wizard 101?

in the fairgrounds

Where is the Hatchery in Wizard 101?

Wizard City, Pet Pavillion

How do you get to wizard city in wizard 101?

Just sign up/ sign in for/ to a wizard101 account, make your wizard, and Voila! You are in Wizard City.

Where is the Harvest Lord in Wizard 101?

On Triton Avenue, Wizard City

Where is the dye shop in wizard 101?

Shopping district in Wizard City.

Where is wizard city on wizard 101?

Wizard city is the first world you ever get to. when you begin the game, that is the world you find yourself on.

How do you go to krokotopia in wizard 101?

complete all the quests in wizard city!

Where is the smith in firecat ally in wizard 101?

The Smith in Firecat Alley is located next to the Fireglobe Theater.

Where is the fire cat ally smith in wizard 101?

nere the fireglobe threatre

Where is the shopping district smith in wizard 101?

Please refer to link below.

Where is the smith for olde town wizard 101?

he is by the lady by the house that is next to the bazaar

Where is the pet pavilion in wizard 101?

The pet pavilion is connected to the Commons of Wizard City.