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Holly Marie Combs is doing a reality series called Off the Map with Shannen & Holly

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Q: Where is the tv star Holly Marie Combs at now Since she was on Charmed?
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Who plays baby chris in season 8 of charmed?

Since Holly Marie Combs was pregnant when Piper became pregnant with Chris the babies were about the same age so for a while Holly's son Finely p[layed Chris in season eight.

Where is Holly Marie Combs today?

Mostly a Burbank housemom now, the former "Charmed" star since leaving the show in 2006 has been in two Made-for-TV films. "Point of Entry" in 2007 and "Mistresses" in 2009.

When did Holly Marie combs join the cast of Pretty Little Liars?

She has been Aria's mom since the tv series began.

I saw on the official Holly Marie Combs MySpace that theres a season 9 . I thought it ended season 8 . But now im not so sure since its an official MySpace?

To answer the Question, NO there is NOT gonna be a season 9 of Charmed. Charmed is Over, ended, done, gone. The ONLY talk about a season 9 "Fan-Fiction" meaning the Charmed Fans have created on websites these Fake episode scripts of Charmed Season 9. But they will NOT be aired etc. Also, the myspace you saw it on was FAKE because Holly JUST recently got a VERIFIED myspace: She has a VERIFIED twitter ( also that she has already anouced that the link above IS her myspace. The link of the myspace is also on her Twitter Background.

Is prue halliwell professinal photographer in charmed?

Yes she is, or was, since she is not on the show anymore.

Who is Quincy Comb's girlfriend?

Quincy Combs, the adopted son of Sean 'Puffy' Combs, is currently dating Kelly Osborne. They have been dating since April, 2014.

What is Prue's personality like from the show Charmed?

In control and bossy(since she's the oldest)

What has been the importance of pop music since Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly?

I think Presley and Holly would have played relaxing music

What has Lauren holly been in since leaving ncis?

Lauren Holly was an actress on NCIS from 2005-2012. Since then, she has been on television shows such as Lost Girl, Do No Harm, and Motive. She was also in the 2013 film Abducted.

When does the eighth season of Charmed come out in Oklahoma?

It is already released in the US. It has been since Sept. 11th 2007

Who is constance marie's husband?

No, But She has been engaged to Yoga Instructor Kent Katich Since 2001.

Who is Holly Brisley dating?

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