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Surprise! No spare tire! Some Chevrolet Traverse models do not come with a spare tire... yes this is true! You get a can of "fix a flat" goop instead. This won't do you much good if you hit a road hazard that severely damages the tire and could leave you and your family stranded in a remote area on a cold winter night or in a dangerous neighborhood, like a sitting duck, waiting for help. Cars that do have a spare use the "donut" type spare. The spare is under the back of the vehicle and is lowered via a cable mechanism from inside the car. There is a plastic heat shield wrapped around the spare so it doesn't get damaged from the very close proximity to the hot exhaust system. The full size flat tire will not fit in the spare tire compartment so must be carried inside the vehicle. A cable is provided to secure the flat tire inside the vehicle for safety reasons. Not GM's finest hour. They still don't get it!

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Q: Where is the spare tire on a Chevrolet traverse?
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