Where is the serial number on gm rear end?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Where is the serial number on gm rear end?
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What is gm rear end part number 8977323?

gm 14 bolt rear end housing

What is gm rear end number 3896839?

GM 12 Bolt

What is a gm 1253741 rear end?

Casting number 1253741 rear end housing is 76 Monte Carlo thats what is in mine

How strong is a 10.2 gm rear end compared to a 8.5 gm rear end?

the 8.2 is the weaker of the 2 as the axles are smaller, the 8.5 is a super strong rear end, almost as strong as the 12 bolt.

Can Suburban rear end ratio be found by calling GM with the VIN number?

Yes, that would be the easiest way to find out.

What is GM rear end part number 3896839?

It is the stamped identification number on a 12 bolt rear housing for a Chevy/GMC vehicle that measures 60.625" axle tube end to axle tube end. Mostly truck housings but there are exceptions to this rule.

Why is my Louis vuitton artsy mm doesn't have serial or date number?

I dont have a serial number in my BAG (ARTSY GM)! I think Artsy doesnt has a serial number!

What gm rear end is casting number 1254332?

10 bolt k 3 casting #1254332 ratio is 2.56 positraction ring is 8.5 inches

Gm 10 bolt rear end code d106 3707306 what year is it?


Where is Location of 2001 s10 gm 4.3 engine serial number on engine block?

There are two locations for the engine serial number on the engine block for the 2001 Chevy S10 GM 4.3 motor. One location is just in front of the flywheel position on the back, top of the motor. The other position is on the driver's side of the rear of the motor just below the manifold cover.

GM motor with serial number 557265 with 4B separated from it on the left What motor do you have from what year and what GM car?

It's an Olds 403.

What year is GM rear end 22522878?

I have one in my 92 Camaro if that helps you