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Serial numbers were not required on rifles and shotguns until 1968.

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2013-01-31 05:19:23
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Q: Where is the serial number on a wards Hercules shotgun?
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How do you tell the age of a wards Hercules shotgun by serial number?

No sn data published

What is the age of a wards Hercules 410 shotgun serial number 56049?

No published sn data

Value of wards Hercules 20G shotgun?

50-100 or so

What is awards Hercules model 10 20 gauge shotgun worth?

What is a wards Hercules model 10 20 g shotgun worth

Wards Hercules Model 10 single shotgun?

when was the model 10 hercules 410 shot gun manufactured

What is a Wards Hercules single barrel 16 gauge shotgun worth?


What is the age of a Wards Western Field 16 gauge shotgun model 30 serial U 42667?

need model number and serial no

What is the value of a Wards Hercules 51 double barrel shotgun?

I'm not sure of the value of your shotgun. I have a Montgomery Wards Hercules, double barrel shotgun, with external hammers. With all the research I have done it is a Stevens 217. I have been looking for a set of barrels for this gun. Can you describe your gun to me. Petter

How old is a Wards Western Field 12 gauge shotgun Model 10 SD247A with no serial number?

ere ere

Who made the wards Hercules model SD108 shotgun?

We cant verify the SD108 model number, however: The "Hercules" was the trade name used by the Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works on shotguns made for the Montgomery Ward Co. Of Chicago. The "Hercules" made for Wards was a copy of the Iver Johnson "Champion" model which is a single shot shotgun with exposed hammer. They were made between 1909 and 1956.

What is the value of wards Hercules model 11 12Ga serial A901593?

10-100 usd

What is the value of a Montgomery Wards Model SD10B Hercules shotgun 410 ga?

50-150 USD or so

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