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Q: Where is the indoor coil on a Goodman air handler?
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Where is the air filter on a goodman air handler?

Next to the indoor coil.

Will A goodman Heat pump work with other brand air handlers.?

Yes, provided you have the properly matched Goodman evaporator coil in the air handler and the air handler is capable of delivering the correct amount of air flow (cfm) to support the new unit.

What is the Goodman air conditioner model number CLJ42-1B tonage?

3.5how is the goodman evaporator coil handler celling mount model clj24-1, how i can cliner that evaporator coil.

Where is the coil on an air conditioner?

There are 2 coils. 1 inside the indoor air handler or furnace and 1 outside on your condenser in the yard.

I have an outside 3 ton goodman condensor and my inside air handler is a trane 2.5 ton. can this cause my ac not to work efficiently?

If the coil in the air handler is 2.5 tons, yes. The system is mismatched and you may also experience compressor failures due to liquid refrigerant flooding back to the compressor due to the undersized evaporator coil.

What is the Goodman air condition model number AR24 1?

1.5 - 2 ton air handler.

Can you match a 3 ton air handler with a 4 ton condensor?

No, the air handler won't push enough air to keep the coil from freezing up.

What is the tonage for Goodman air handler A42-10?

3.5 tons air conditioning. 10 Kw electric heat.

WhAt is the tonage of a goodman air conditioner model number aruf364216aa?

This is a 3 or 3 1/2 ton electric air handler

Where is the evaporator on central air units?

Inside the air handler. The evaporator is also commonly referred to as the a-coil.

How much does it cost to clean an evaporator coil in the air handler?

How much does a company charges to clean a condenser and evaporator coil

What is Goodman air conditioner model number capf4860c6ba?

GOODMAN CAPF4860C6BA is a 4 ton up flow r-22 or r410a A-coil.