Where is the horn relay in a 2004 Buick?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Where is the horn relay in a 2004 Buick?
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Where is the horn and horn relay on a 1996 Buick century?

where is Horn relay on 1996 buick century.??

Where is horn relay located on 1995 Buick roadmaster?

where is horn relay on 1995 buick roadmaster

What is the location of the horn relay on a 1994 Buick Skylark?

On a 1994 Buick Skylark, the horn relay is located behind the dash and to the left of the steering wheel. The horn relay is comprised of three wires.

Horn relay location 1996 buick century?

The 1996 Buick Century horn relay switch is located behind the dashboard. The relay switch will be on the drivers side of the dashboard.

How do you turn off the horn on a 1998 Buick Riviera?

Easiest way is to just pull the horn relay.

Horn relay location 97 buick lesabre?

The horn relay on a 97 Buick LeSabre is located at the front of the engine compartment, near the headlights. It provides power to the horn and triggers it when the button is pressed on the steering wheel.

Where is the horn and horn relay on a 1995 buick century?

There is a fuse for Horn at the middle & under the dash.

Where is the horn relay on a 2004 cavalier?

where is the hornrelayona2004chevroletcavilier

Where is the Buick LeSabre horn relay?

under the hood, there is a plastic cover at top of firewall, it is the BLACK relay

Where is the horn relay located on a 1992 Buick park avenue?

Don't know

Where do you find the horn relay switch on a 1992 Buick skylark?

if i knew i wouldnt be asking

Where is the horn relay located on a 1994 buick park avenue?

The horn relay on a 1992 model is on the fire wall, under the long cover. My relay would click, but would not blow the horn. My wife pressed the horn button while I put my hand on each relay until I found the right one.