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Q: Where is the high side ac port on 2004 grandam?
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Where do you add freon on a grandam 1996?

You add refrigerant through the low side port. There is a web site that will tell you were the port is located on a 96 grandam, along with much more helpfull information.

Where is the location of 2004 dodge durango low side ac port?

The small connector in the a/c line is the low port and the big connector is the high port side ...

Why turnlamp flash to fast on a 2004 grandam?

if one side flashes faster than the other, it's either a bulb out ob the fast side or the flasher (located under the dash on the drivers side)

Fuelfilter 2004 pont grandam 6 cy can't find it?

It should be under the car on the drivers side frame rail under the rear seat.

What causes the low pressure side of an air conditioning system to read high?

You are on the wrong port. Some fords have an extra port that the low side hose screws on but is a high side fitting. look for another port.

Where is OBD port on a 2004 neon?

It is under the dash on the left side.

Where is the obd port on 2004 durango?

It is under the dash on the left side

Is the S port or the D port the low side on the back of an 87 vovlo compressor?

The S port is the Suction and its the low side. The D stands for Discharge and its your high side.

2002 beetle shows high side port in front near radiator and low side in front of passenger firewall however my pressure gauge for freon fits high side valve and shouldn't it fit low side?

The port next to the radiator is the low-side port

Where is the low side port on an 1986 Nissan King Cab?

The 1986 Nissan King low side port can be found on the air conditioning compressor. The low side port will be labeled as the high pressure port.

Which AC port is the low side on a 1988 IROC-Z camaro?

The port with the black cap on it is the low side as the red cap is the high side.

Where is the obd II test port located on a 2004 volkswagen beetle?

The 2004 Volkswagon Bettle OBD 2 port is on lower edge of dash at left side