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Jail, which is never accessible.

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Q: Where is the black widow after you win counterfeit island in poptropica?
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Where is black widow on poptropica counterfeit?


Which island is the black widow on after he gets on the motorboat in Poptropica?

He is still on Counterfeit Island because he ends up circling the Island and going to the Inn.

What do you do after you tear off the painting in the inspector's house on island counterfeit on poptropica?

get beaten up the investigators the black widow

Where is the key to the black widow's lair on counterfeit island?

you go to the place that's called only nerds play poptropica

Where is the Black Widow in the museum on Counterfeit Island?

The Black Widow is never in the museum (at least not as the Black Widow).

How do you make it daytime in poptropica counterfeit?

you cant make daytime in counterrfiet island unless you defeat the black widow in the house on the countryside.

Where is the key for the black widow on Counterfeit Island?

skrow you

Who is the shady guy on poptropica counterfeit island?

he is the black widow's right hand man but he got betrayed so now hes your fiend

Where is the black widow's house on Counterfeit Island?

The Black Widow (veuve noire) is posing as the police inspector, whose house is in the Country Side. It is on the far right of Counterfeit Island.

How do you get to see the black widow in jail on Counterfeit Island?

you can't

Where is the black widow's hideout in Counterfeit Island?

in the inspectors cottage

Where is the last part of Counterfeit Island?

beat the black widow