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It went rare. It pretty much the same as rouge so there is no point.

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Q: Where is the barber shop in adventure quest?
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Where are pet shops in Advencer qeust?

Adventure Quest - Aria's Shop on the left side Adventure Quest Worlds - Aria's Shop on the left (Membership only)

Where is warlic in adventure quest?

in battleon at the majic shop!

How do you get a cape on Adventure Quest Worlds?

drop and shop

Where do you get vampragons in adventure quest?

You get vampragons at the pet shop.

Where is J6 shop in adventure quest world?


Where is the starter shop in adventure quest?

in yulgars inn

How do you get the anthrasword in adventure quest?

Buy it from the Guardian Shop.

Is there a shop where you can by classes in Adventure Quest?

go to trainer's behing the Yulgar's shop..... :)

What does verifying your guardian account on Adventure Quest do on Mech Quest?

it gives you acses to a shop

Where is the Australia Day Shop in Adventure Quest Worlds?

on battleon

Where do you buy clothes in adventure quest worlds?

at yulgars shop

Where do you get the guns in adventure quest worlds?

you can get a gun in yougars shop