Where is swindle in AQW?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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I hope you know where terc is cos if you dont your going to have trouble......

defeat 50 makai. now, go to the secret cave system and it goes like this, up right, up right, left right. you should now be at swindle.

I hope this helped you a little,


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Q: Where is swindle in AQW?
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How do you get to twins in AQW?

this video tells you how to get to the twins miltonius and swindle bilk

How do you get Claw of Miltonius in aqw?

from the first quest in the wheel in swindle u can get some of the claws :)

How do you get the rixty reaper in aqworlds?

ok the way to get the rixxy ripper sythe on aqw is to goto swindle (note- you cannot do this..... /goto swindle it does not work anymore) and find the preview of it ote you cannot buy the item rixxy ripper anymore SoZ:(

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