Where is rilithia?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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1. Talk to Twilly 2. Say "heard any rumors"

3. Do quest

4. you'll see rilithia there


5. After the quest talk to mage guy in inn, buy a seedspitter spell

6. Do quest again but use spll on seedspitter

hope i helped

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Q: Where is rilithia?
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What happens if you steal Rilithia's shield in Adventure Quest?

In the town go to the inn, then go up and go to attic then go to bishop finch and he asks you for frankencarrot and stuff once ur done that part he asks for stuff like rilthlias shield. to do his quest u click on monster parts and see if u get something for the quest. Im not done it yet. ._.

How do you get spells in wizard 101?

you go to the minigame fairgrounds and talk to the woman there for a price she will give you a potion or if you want a health boosting potion you can go to the crown shop and buy one but its for a limited time extra health

In adventure quest how to complete the imp quest in the attic?

The attic imp gives two lists. The first one is quite simple, but the second one is harder. For the first one, you have to find a Seed Spitter leaf, a chunk of FrankenCarrot and a Snayl Tail. To find the Seed Spitter leaf, you have to go to Twilly, click on hello, and then Heard any rumours? The monster you battle is the seedspitter and you just click on the leaf. You can flee if you want to, after getting the leaf, it does save. To get the FrankenCarrot, click on Travel Map, then The Farm, then stay outside, and don't try to persuade the boy. You can click on the carrot and you pick up a piece of FrankenCarrot. For the Snayl Tail, go to The Inn, go the Lounge and then the "next room" and then drink the potion and the first thing you battle is the Snayl. For the second list, it is a bit harder. When you get it, go downstairs and go back up, then click help on the top left corner. Then click "Go!" from the same place. You can find the Power Amour Power Supply, the Zzott Tentacle, the Zeel Zit, the Plasma Dragon horn and the Mjolnoid Mace You get the Power Armour Power Supply by battling the Drakel power amour (I think that's the name) and clicking on the blue light behind the helmet. For the Zeel Zit, you have to fight a Zeel, and then click just behind his head. For the Zzott Tentacle, you have to fight the Zzott, and click on the tentacles underneath it. This is the only one difficult to click, just keep clicking until the bar appears on top. For the Mjolnoid Mace, just click on the mace while fighting the Mjolnoid. And for the dragon horn, just click the horn. These are all energy monsters, so I advise a good energy armour and water weapon. For Rilithia's Shield, go to the Seed Spitter quest from Twilly (see above) and after defeating the seed spitter, the animation will appear. Take the persons shield. For the Frogzard Hunters Belt and the Energyzard fur, go to Twilly, say hello and then do the Frogzard quest. Fight the zards in quest one, then fight the hunter, and take his belt while he is saying thanks. After he says thanks, you have to fight 3 Energyzards. Take the fur from them. That is everything, I think.