Where is gas valve in a mendota fireplace?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Where is gas valve in a mendota fireplace?
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Can you light your pilot on your gas fire fireplace when your gas says off?

Maybe. Get the instuction manual for your fireplace. Depends on whether the OFF is master valve, or secondary valve. If no manual, hire a gas service company to do it, and show you how.

How do you convert a fireplace from propane to natural gas?

Get a certified technician to work on gas. He will have to change the orifice, possibly the gas valve.

Does rotating a gas valve on an indoor fireplace counterclockwise open or close the gas line?

All gas fireplaces have to have a shut-off valve within 10' and that will turn so the key or the handle is parallel to leave gas on and perpendicular to turn gas off. The valve inside the fireplace turns but not indiscriminately. The inner valve will turn to the pilot setting and depress to light the pilot. Once the pilot os stable the knob will un-depress and turn to the On position. For a manual valve this will turn on the gas flow to the main burners. If using a switch or remote turning the valve to On leaves the fireplace valve in a Ready position so the switch or remote will turn on the gas.

Why your gas fireplace smells like gas when it goes off?

On many gas valves, on top there is a threaded port labelled `VENT`. That is where the residual gas within the valve is released from when the valve closes.

My gas fireplace pilot light works perfectly. However when I flip the switch for the rest of the fireplace to turn on nothing happens.?

I am having the same problem, possible one of two answers. It's either the switch or the valve. If you follow the cord from the switch it will have a black and a white wire attached to the gas valve under the fireplace. To rule out the switch as the problem take a ordinary paper clip and touch it to the two screws that the wires are attached to, thus completing the circuit and causing your fireplace to light. The other option is that it is the gas valve itself. when the valve is set to the on position and you flick the switch there are tiny little flappers inside the valve that open allowing the gas to flow though, sometimes they can be stuck shut if the fireplace has been sitting awhile. The best answer I got was to tap the sides and top of the valve with a screwdriver or wrench to jar them open. Other more unlikely options are that the gas valve is not set to "on", there is a on/off switch somewhere on the valve, or that your over all gas pressure in your house has been split to many ways and you don't have enough gas flow to actually run your fireplace.

How do you repair a gas fireplace?

Replace the thermocouple. The skinny copper line that goes from the gas valve to the pilot and senses when it is lit.

Is there anyone there who can answer my question about a gas fireplace?

what is the question, you don't put anything in a gas fireplace, especially wood, gas comes from the gas line coming in to the fireplace

Where is the Mendota Branch Library in Mendota located?

The address of the Mendota Branch Library is: 1246 Belmont Avenue, Mendota, 93640 M

Convert natural gas fireplace to a propane gas?

buy a new fireplace.

What uses less gas a furnace or fireplace?


How do you replace a thermocouple on a gas fireplace?

Is there any video on how to replace a thermocouple on a gas fireplace

When was the gas fireplace invented?

The first gas fireplace is unknown to me but the regular fireplace was made by Benjamin Franklin and it was called the Franklin stove