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Your anus

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Q: Where is feces eliminated from the body?
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How to get a prescription drug out of the body?

Depends on how the drug is metabolized (broken down) and/or excreted (eliminated) from the body. Some drugs are broken down by the liver, then eliminated in your urine or feces. Some drugs are not broken down at all and may be eliminated in your urine or feces. Therefore you would need to provide which drug(s) you are referring to.

What is produced in the anus?

The anus is the opening through which fecal matter (feces) and some gasses are eliminated from the body.

What is meant by feces?

Feces n. Waste eliminated from the bowels. Excrement.

What does the rectum do in your human body?

The rectum holds the feces until it is eliminated from the body through the anal canal and anus.

Where is waste eliminated?

"Human Waste"is eliminated through the sweat, urine , feces and respiration

What happens to food materials that cannot be digested?

It is expelled as 'stool'. Stool is also known as feces.

What is the medical term meaning removal of Undigestible food remains?

Things that are eaten but are indigestible are eliminated from the body in the form of feces through the process of defecation.Defecation.defication

What is the last section of the digestive system from which feces are eliminated?

rectum ~HellShadow95

How is hepatitis b eliminated in the body?

HBV can not be eliminated from the body.

What Digestive waste is eliminated from the body through the?

Feces is the term for undigested food that passes out of the body.

How are the end product formed finally eliminated from the body?

The elimination of end products from the body depends on the specific substance. Different substances are eliminated by various mechanisms, such as excretion through urine or feces, exhalation through the lungs, or metabolism and breakdown within the body. For example, waste products like carbon dioxide are expelled through exhalation, while others, like urea, are filtered by the kidneys and eliminated through urine.

Food is egested here?

Egestion of undigested food occurs in the large intestine or colon. This is where water is absorbed from the remaining material, forming feces which are then eliminated from the body through the rectum and anus.