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I should be an expression you already know, located in the Flirt section of your expressions.

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Q: Where is blow a kiss expression on Fable 2?
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Where is blow a kiss expression Fable 2?

on flirty section.but you must get the book to learn it

How do you LEARN THE blow a kiss expression in Fable 2?

well you put your lips together, you close your eyes and stick your toungh out and blow really hard. wait till your face gose a diffrent colour. PS:this may cause fainting. but you are now were to blowing a kiss. HEEEE GOT YA SUKER

Where is the Demon Door in Oakfield on Fable 2?

It is closest to the water. You have to blow kiss someone. :)

How do you get the book in Fable 2 to learn blow kiss emote?

just look around in the book store and talk with the book guy to see if he is selling it

How do you get the apolagize expression in Fable 2?

become moderately good.

Where is the worship expression in Fable 2?

in a upstairs bookcase in the bowerstone bookstore

Where are your expression for Fable 2?

Click the RB and it will bring up your expression wheel.

Where can you find the worship expression in Fable 2?

Its on the second floor of the bookstore in bowerstone in one of the bookcases.

How do you learn the Come Back to your Place expression in Fable 2?

You have to buy it at the book store in bowerstone.

How do i give autograph card in Fable 2?

use the gift expression and choose an autograph card

What is the expression of the statue in Archon's Knot in Fable 2?

The expression of the statue in Archon's Knot in Fable 2 is one of despair and agony, reflecting the suffering and pain that the Archon experienced during his reign. The statue's twisted features and contorted body convey a sense of torment and anguish.

Where do you get come back to my place expression for Fable 2?

You can buy at the Bowerstone Market Book Store or find it in the wild.