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Jesmond,newcastle upon tyne The dumping ground house used to be an old school

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Q: Where is Tracy beaker rerturns get filmed?
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Where does tee Taylor from tracy beaker rerturns get her clothes from?

Johnnie B :)

What area was the making of Tracy beaker filmed?

Tracy Beaker was filmed in Penarth, South Wales

Are The Story of Tracy Beaker and Tracy Beaker Returns filmed in the same house?


Where was the story of Tracy beaker filmed?


When was Tracy beaker returns filmed?

it ws in 2010

When was Tracy beaker series 1 filmed?

It was filmed ages ago. It was on TV in 2010

When was the last Tracy beaker filmed?

Febuary 5th 2004

Where is the new series of Tracy Beaker being filmed?

Your mums house

Is Tracy beaker having a series 2?

Its being filmed right now @//-_-\\@

Where is Tracy beaker returns filmed?

Tracey beaker returns is now filmed in Bristol south gloucestershire the out skirts of Bristol . In private land . Near thornbury south gloucestershire .

When was series 2 of Tracy Beaker Returns?

It was filmed in 2011, Newcastle. 13 episodes.

What country is starring Tracy beaker set?

In England, They have filmed in Newcastle in January 2012