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Q: Where is Michael westons loft in burn notice?
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Where is Michael weston's mother's house?

947 NW North River Drive, Miami, FL is the exterior shots for the house used in Burn Notice which is the location of Michael Westen's mother's house (Maddie). It's just a few blocks away from the exterior location for Michael Westen's loft which is at 528 NW 7 AVE, Miami, FL.

What are the release dates for My Haunted House - 2013 Art Loft?

UK Haunted - 2013 was released on: USA: 23 September 2013

What actors and actresses appeared in Loft story - 1988?

The cast of Loft story - 1988 includes: Philippe Clay Bernard Haller William Leymergie Serge Marquand as Le Plombier Claire Maurier as Suzy Francis Perrin as Francis Jean Tolzac as Mr. Landois

Where does rashad haughton Aaliyah's bro and his family live?

are they living in Chicago ? Aaliyahs family has a home in White Plains NY, and they still have AAliyahs loft in NYC

In what part of the crow does Brandon Lee die?

Well. Do you remember when they were in the loft before 'Eric Draven' (Brandon Lee) got pushed out of the window? Just before that, 'Funboy' (Michael Masse) shot 'Eric' in the abdomen. He was walking in the loft, and he tried to get the rapers away from 'Shelly' (Sofia Shinas, or something like that) and 'Tin Tin' (Lawrence Mason) pushed him back, and then 'Funboy' pulled out an improperly loaded gun and aimed at Brandon's abdomen. He was carying a grocery sack which contained a fake blood pouch. The bullet, which was a real one, pierced thru the grocery sack, blood pouch and his abs. Apparently, the real bullets had been cleaned out of all gun powder, but this one had enough powder to go thru the stuff that I mentioned up there.