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The brain

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Q: Where in the human body is your occiput?
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Where is the occiput in the neck?

The occiput is the lower part of the back of your head, just above the neck.

What are the osteopathic interrelationships between the occiput and the sacrum?

In Osteopathy the interrelationship between the occiput and the sacrum is that in normal health they move together in the same motion. So as the sacrum moves so will the occiput.

Posterior part of cranium?

The occiput, or occipital bones.

What are 20 bonesin the human body?

The 19 major bones of the human body are the skull, mandible, clavicle, ribs, radius, ulna, humerus, pelvis, sacrum, femur, patella, phalanges, carpals, metacarpals, tarsals, metatarsals, fibula, tibia, scapula, vertebrae (along the spine).

What is a bulge at the back of the head called?


What is the occiput?

The lower rear portion of the skullBack of the head.

What is denser water or the human body?

i guessing-the human body

If you have a human body and human testicles and human organs are you human?

Yes - if you have a human body you are human.

What is human body anatomy?

the human body anatomy is, the study of the morphology of the human body.

What has the author Ruth Lundeen Memmler written?

Ruth Lundeen Memmler has written: 'Structure and function of the human body' -- subject(s): Anatomy, Body, Human, Human Body, Human anatomy, Human physiology, Physiology, Human body 'The human body in health and disease' 'Workbook for The human body in health and disease'

Does the human body use plutonium?

Plutonium is not used in the human body.

How many bones in the human body How many muscles in the human body?

there are 600 muscles in the human body and there are,206 bones in the body