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Q: Where does bless you come from after a sneeze?
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Where does the sneeze come from?

Snot comes out of your nose and people usually say "bless you" or "god bless you". the reason people say god bless you is because you heart stops for a quick second and bacteria is what comes out when you sneeze.

Do you have to sneeze?

Nope. But if you did then bless you

What do you say when you sneeze?

Bless you.

Why is it when people sneeze another says bless you?

they say bless you because when you sneeze your heart stops's there thanking god that you did not die

Can you say God bless you when you sneeze?

I do

How do you say bless you when you sneeze in Portuguese?

In Portuguese, you can say "saúde" which means health or "Deus te abençoe" which means God bless you in response to a sneeze.

When you sneeze do you say achew or atissuew and do you say bless you as well?

You just say bless you.

What should you say in English if someone sneeze?

When someone sneezes the common response is "bless you".

Why do we say bless you after someone sneeze?

Because everytime u sneeze u lose a day of life\( ^.^ )/

Why do you say 'bless you' when you sneeze?

Legend tells that when you sneeze, the soul leaves the body with your breath. At that point, it is available for possession by an evil spirit. Saying "Bless you" prevents the evil spirit from entering the body when you catch your breath.Apparently, when you sneeze, your soul escapes. So if someone says bless you, the devil can't catch it.

Do Selena gomez say bless you when someboby sneeze?

selena gomez always says bless you from SELENA<3

How do you say God bless in German?

God bless you = Gott segne dich (God) bless you! (after a sneeze) = Gesundheit!