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Q: Where does Sela Ward get the necklaces she wears in CSI NY?
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Who is the girl that plays sela ward's daughter on csi ny?

Sydney Park plays Elli Danville.

What movies has Sela Ward been involved in?

Actress Sela Ward has never had a full nude scene in a movie. She does show part of a breast in the TV show Once and Again which aired from 1999 to 2002.

Why the cast change on CSI NY last season?

Melina Kanakaredes, who played Stella Bonasera, left the show to spend more time with her family. Sela Ward was brought in as a new female lead character, Jo Danville.

Why isn't Stella in CSI New York season 7?

Actress Melina Kanakaredes, who had played Detective Stella Bonasera on "CSI: NY" since the series premiered on Sept. 22, 2004, decided to leave the series. She will be replaced in Season 7 by Emmy Award-winning actress Sela Ward ("Sisters," "Once and Again"), who will play a new character, former FBI agent Jo Danville.

Who makes the black rimmed eyeglasses Ted danson wears on csi?

The black rimmed eyeglasses that Ted Danson wears on CSI is not disclosed. These stylish types of frames can be purchased at outlets such as Lenscrafters and Pearl Vision.

What is the lapel badge that Mac Taylor wears in CSI new york?

DB which stands for "detective bureau"

Why is Melina kanakaredes leaving CSI?

Yes, she left after season 6. She didn't announce that she wasn't coming back until the summer hiatus in 2010 after the sixth season was finished. Her character , Stella Bonasera, was replaced with a new character, Jo Danville, played by Sela Ward starting at the beginning of season 7 in the fall of 2010. In the first episode of season 7 it was revealed that Detective Bonasera had gone to New Orleans to become the head of that city's crime lab.

What is the difference of real CSI and TV CSI?

what is the diffrent between the real csi and the tv csi

Is Justin bieber going to be on CSI-ny or CSI?


How many CSI shows are there?

There are 3 CSI series running: the "original" CSI set in Las Vegas, CSI Miami, and CSI New York.

Which is the original csi?

The original CSI show is the CSI set in Las Vegas, Nevada- CSI New York and CSI Miami were started due to the top ratings from the original CSI and have also had high ratings

When does csi start?

csi is on now