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he probly live in london

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Q: Where does Arthur Darvill live?
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What is the birth name of Arthur Darvill?

Arthur Darvill's birth name is Thomas Arthur Darvill.

When was Arthur Darvill born?

Arthur Darvill was born on June 17, 1982.

What is Arthur Darvill's birthday?

Arthur Darvill was born on June 17, 1982.

How old is Arthur Darvill?

UK actor Thomas Arthur Darvill is 35 years old (birthdate: June 17, 1982).

Where does arthur darvill from Doctor Who live?

Probably in London currently because of Doctor Faustus

Is Arthur darvill catholic?

He is a Cathoholic.

Is Arthur darvill married?

No, he has a girlfriend

Is Arthur Darvill gay?

Sadly, no.

Who plays Rory in Doctor Who?

Arthur darvill

Does Arthur Darvill have Facebook?

No, he currently does not use Facebook.

Is Arthur Darvill from doctor who in series 6?


Does Karen Gillan have a crush on Arthur Darvill?

No she doesn't.