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You get it from the inn in battleon town square. Go to Yulgar. Click him. Then click "Suggestion Shop". It will be in there. This is personally my favorite sword/only sword.

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Q: Where do you get the dragon defender in AQWorlds?
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Where do i a Dragon's Defender in AQWorlds?

you can find the dragons defender in yulgar(battleontown)you can buy it in suggestion shop and the price is 40,000

How do you get defender class in AQWorlds?

you get defender class is menber only

How do you be dragonlord in AQWorlds?

buy a dragon amulet for an account that is linked to your master account. then goto the AQWorlds homepage, and look on the side for "Verify DragonLord"Afterwards, type "/join tower" and go to the far left. Find the Dragon Amulet person, and there is DragonLord class and Defender Class.

Is defender a strong class in aqworlds?

I think so

How do you get dragonlord class in AQWorlds?

You have to link your Dragonfable Dragon Amulet account to your AQWorlds account.

How do you get to fire dragon in AQWorlds?

You cant you have to die.

How to kill the red dragon on AQWorlds?

Get a team of adventurers and just kill that dragon.

Who drops the ice Sickle in AQWorlds?

the frost dragon

Where do you get the armored platinum dragon on AQWorlds?

You can't get it anymore. It was available on the first birthday of AQWorlds in Aria's pet shop.

Do you need to be a member to get the dragon slayer class in AQWorlds?

No, membership is not needed to get Dragon Slayer Class.

What is the best echantment for defender in AQWorlds?

It depends on what you'll use him for. If it's for tank, then go for warrior enhancements.

Where to find trainers on AQWorlds?

it's on green guard dragon