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You cant any more. It was a rare for the first Saint Patrics day.

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Q: Where do you get leprachun class in aqworldscom?
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What classes are there in aqw?

Acolyte Class (Member Only) Alpha Pirate (Rare) Assassin Class (Member Only) Barber Class (Rare) Bard Class (Member Only) Beast Warrior Class (Member Only) Beta Beserker (Rare) Berserker class (Member Only) Card Clasher Class (Special Offer) Chaos Shaper Class (special Offer) Chronomancer (Special Offer) (Rare) Clawsuit Class (Member Only) (Rare) Defender Class (Special Offer) Doomknight Class (Member Only) Dragonlord Class (Special Offer) Dragonslayer Class Evolved Clawsuit 10 Class (Member Only)(Rare) Evolved Shaman Class Enforcer Class Guardian Class (Special Offer) Healer Class Leprechaun Class (Rare) Mage Class Necromancer Class Ninja Class No Class Class (Seasonal Rare) Paladin Class (Member Only) Pirate Class Protosartorium Class (Member Only) Pumpkin Lord Class (Member Only) (Seasonal Rare) Ranger Class Renegade Class (Member Only) Rogue class Rustbucket Class Shaman Class Sorcerer Class (Member Only) Starlord Class (Special Offer) Undead Slayer Class (Member Only) Vampire Class (Member Only)(Rare) Warlord Class (Member Only) Warrior Class Witch Class (Member Only)(Rare)

Where are all the classes on adventure quest worlds?

Sort by Non-Member - Member - Adventure Coin - Rare - All - Classes Starting Classes Healer Class Mage Class Rogue Class Warrior Class Secondary Upgrade Classes Acolyte Class Renegade Class Sorcerer Class Warlord Class Tier-Two Classes Paladin Class Paladin Class (AC) DoomKnight DoomKnight (AC) Individual Classes Alpha Pirate Assassin Class Barber Class Bard Beast Warrior Class Berserker Class Beta Berserker CardClasher Chaos Shaper ChronoCorruptor Chronomancer ClawSuit Darkside Defender Dragonlord Class Dragonslayer Enforcer Class Evolved Clawsuit 10 Evolved Clawsuit 11 Evolved Shaman Evolved Shaman (AC) Giftbox Guardian Class Horc Evader Class Horc Evader Class (AC) Leprechaun Necromancer Necromancer (AC) Ninja Class No Class PaladinSlayer Class Pirate Class ProtoSartorium (Class) Pumpkin Lord Ranger Rustbucket Shaman Starlord Class Troll SpellSmith Class Troll SpellSmith Class (AC) UndeadSlayer UndeadSlayer (AC) Vampire Class Vindicator of They Witch

How do you get no class in AQW?

to get the no class you have to go to the thanksgiving event then finish all the missions then you got the shop then click on armor click on no class and finally you got the no class FYI: THE NO CLASS IS CHEAP

How do you get the thief class in AQ world?

Thief class is also: Pirate/rogue thats the thief class

Do you get a new custom class every time you pristege in MW2?

no. 1st prestige-1 class slot 3rd prestige-2 class slots 5th prestige-3 class slots 7th prestige-4 class slots 9th prestige-4 class slots

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Special codes for aqworldscom?


How do you get Ninja class in AQworldscom?

go to noobshire go down then u should be in greenguard forest west then turn left and there will be a person called matzumi and will have a shop with it

How can you become a paladin in aqworldscom?

You have to become a lvl 10 healer and fighter

Where do you get the ungodly reavers of miltonius on aqworldscom?

From miltonius do quest jugernaut items

How you will level fast in aqworldscom?

by attacking monsters or downloading the hack site called aqwin

How can you get cold rune edge in AQworldscom?

at brudtal keep floor 3 at elment ice monster dro

Were can you find the sun saber in aqworldscom?

you get the sun saber at yulgar's shop in battleon and buy it for 50,000 gold.

What is j6's weapon on aqworldscom?

J6 has a Beta revolver a weapon that is very very very rare

Who would win leprachaun or chucky?

None of them! Jason would come and cut the head of chucky. and "the fisherman" (i know what you did last summer) would kille the leprachun:-)

Codes pour le jeu en ligne aqworldscom?

I'm one of the staff of AdventureQuest... also AQ worlds.. and sorry.. if you can rephrase the question.. in English preferably.. i might be able to answer

Where are slimes in aqworldscom?

Slimes are located in Cellar (/join cellar), Newbie (/join newbie), Greenguard West (/join greenguardwest), swordhaven (/join swordhaven) or swordhaven - undead (/join swordhavenundead).

What is a non mem pet on 2010 on aqworldscom?

Unfortunately there was only one that costs 300acs and is now gone that is the white chibi tiger sorry aqworlds fans but there is a chance in the near future