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in the desert (you have to have a three star town to unlock the desert and four star town to get to the gold) go down to the back of the desert and break the door to the beach on the right and fish in the pond on the left.hope this helps!

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Q: Where do you find the gold essence on MySims?
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Where do you find the spade essence on mysims WII?

in the desert.there is a gold cave in the cave there is spades,hearts,clubs and diamonds.hope this helps

Where do you find sunflowers on mysims?

On MySims Wii, the Sunflower essence can be found on a tree near the houses in the North of the Desert!

On mysims wii where do you find the voodoo doll essence?

In the graveyard that is in the desert near the dinosaur bones

In mysims kingdom where can you get the diamond essence?

You get them from the patios and benches.

Where do you go to get the star essence in mysims kingdom?

you get them from the lamp posts.

How do you get the plant essence in Mysims kingdom?

If you are talking about the leaf essence. It is at Torijimo's house. If you were talking about the atom looking essence it is at the ski lodge.

How do you get the yellow flower essence in mysims agents?

If you go to Gino's restaurant and use the extractor on that building you will get a yellow base essence.

Where can you get a moon essence in Mysims Agents?

DJ candys building

On mysims kingdom how do you get the dark blue essence?

The moon? Dr. F's lab, I believe.

Where do you get diamond Esscences Mysims Kingdom?

I think you can get diamond essence off of somebodies house.

On mysims kingdom where do you get an alien essence?

in spookane and cutipia or when the rocket blasts of in rocket reef

How do you make street light in mysims agents?

you combine a base essence then the round oblong