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To find the goggles, you need to go to the Aztec time period. Climb all the towers until you see an old man, who'll give you a mask. Put the mask on and talk to the guard wearing the goggles and he'll give them to you.

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Q: Where do you find the gogles in Time Tangled?
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Where do you find the gogles on time tangled isiand?

in the Aztec empire, but first you have to go to the top of the temple behind him and talk to the old lady she'll give you a mask you have to wear if you want to get the goggles

Where do you return the mistress head dress on time tangled island on poptropica?

you dont need to return it all you do is go see the warrior who wacks you when you have the mask on and he will give you the gogles

Where do you find the study motel on time tangled?


How do you find the submarine in Time Tangled Island on Poptropica?

you dont

Where to find the oracle on time tangled island?

inside a temple

Where do you find the gunpowder on Time Tangled Island?

@ the great wall...

What do you do when you go to the future on time tangled island?

you find your self in the future(seconed time)

Poptropica time tangled - HOW do you find the pile of bricks?

there is no pile of bricks...

What is the mission on Mont Everest on time tangled island?

To find Edmond's goggles (in the Aztec time).

On poptropica who has the pumpkin head who do you get it from?

The pumpkin head is in Time Tangled Island and you have to find it.

Where can you find the cave in time tangled island?

The cave is located in 0831 AD.

Where do you find everything you need for every land on Time Tangled?

in different times