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While there are plenty of avenues opening up online to earn money, almost all of them come with some sort of an investment - either TIME OR MONEY. One platform that offers you to earn money without any cost is ySense. A platform you need to spend just 30–60 minutes a day and earn up to $300–400. Read more at -

youronlineshopguru(.com) → MakeMoney

ySense comes with options like surveys, tasks and offers. Daily bonus and streak bonus is offered to people who are consistent and actually adds up like the compounding factor. It is easy to manage, user friendly and hassle-free. More about ySense on my blog at

youronlineshopguru(.com) → MakeMoney

While this may not look like a very big income flow, it is important to understand two things here -

  • the number $300–400 is by spending about 30–60 minutes/day, this can go high if given more time.

  • it is definitely the best option for people looking to have some extra cash in their pockets.

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2020-12-10 10:04:35
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Ebrahim Khalefa

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2021-01-29 15:59:35

There is many sites that give you money on completing surveys or on downloading apps.

You can make 10 $ daily from one site.

The link:

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Q: Where do you find legitimate survey research companies?
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What does a survey do?

A survey does a lot as far as giving companies or people information on what consumers think. By using surveys, one can find out how others feel about the government, television, and aspects of daily life.

Where could one find an example of an employee attitude survey?

One can find example surveys involving employee attitudes at Survey Monkey. There are many examples listed which one may find suitable when creating a survey.

Is there an on-line survey company that really pays for completing surveys?

Yes, There a plenty of real honest paid survey companies online that are legit. The trouble is finding the right one. Most people let their greed for money effect the way they look for at home opportunities. They do little research and fall for the first scam that promises millions over night. That is truly the first sign of legitimacy, if a company promises you lots of money with out knowing your work habit, you can bet your life on it they are a scam.The one way to find legit paid surveys is read a blog on the subject and see what real people are saying. What companies do they recommend, what sites do they say are believe are scams.The best way to find legit paid surveys online is go to a free paid survey provides a list of the best paid surveys. They also keep a list of survey sites that are scams that you should stay away from. Check out their top ten paid surveys and find one that's right for you.

How do you do a survey?

A survey is something you take for people to find out your opinions, so they can make there business better. When someone asks you to take a survey, they want you to give your opinion on something so they can improve it. To take a sample survey, click on the link provided in the sources & related links.

Where can one find patient satisfaction surveys?

There are a few websites that allow one to see patient satisfaction surveys. They can be found on sites such as 'Survio', 'formic', 'Quality Metric' and 'Survey Monkey'.

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Where do you find legitimate survey sites open for Indians?

There are many good survey sites for Indians.

In what kinds of organizations can a geologist find employment?

Geologists may be employed by governmental organisations such as the US or British Geological Survey, mining companies, civil engineering consultancies and contractors, site investigation companies and in research institutions or universities.

Find the legitimate envelope stuffing companies accredited by the better business bureau?

How do i find a legitimatise envelope stuffing job

Where can one find legitimate market research to participate in?

There is a free guide to participating in market research and focus groups at

Which companies offer business to business market research services?

Many market research companies also offer business to business research. Some companies include Research Now, B2B International and DJS Research. It is important to do some research and find a company that best suits your needs.

Are the ads in the local newspapers for truck drivers legit?

It is always best to contact the trucking company directly and do your own internet research on the company to find out if their ads are legitimate. is a site that offers reviews of companies.

Where can one find a legitimate paid survey?

As far as I can see a lot of companies are involved in corruption .. a few survey sites are going on with credibility so I am working on a site in which they are paying with credibility .. let me tell you about it .. find out about it Mail Me : ma ha anet 86 @ gma il.c om

Where is the best place to find a vast list of market research companies?

One can find lists of market research companies on websites such as Wikipedia. Some of the top rated companies are Brainjuicer, TNS Global, Vision Critical and Synovate.

What survey sites in Canada pay in Amazon gift certificates?

read the companies "terms of service" to find out.

What are some legitimate survey sites that pay cash?

NPDOR or NPD Online Research and, is the #1 most trusted paid survey site. I have tried hard to find one, but no survey site gives you money for surveys. NPDOR gives you surveys and you win points upon completion. You then use those points to enter into a raffle-type sweepstakes for a prize or money amount of your choice.

Where can you find information about qualitative?

There are many websites which offer information about qualitative research. Some of these are Survey Gizmo, Marketing Donut and Social Research Methods.

Where can someone find a salary survey online?

Someone can find a salary survey online. If you Google ( or Bing) PayScale you can find salary surveys. PayScale helps you research and find average salaries of most job titles, such as a job in Business or Healthcare.

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