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If you mean essences, then you find them at the kayak racing place on the other side of the water.

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Q: Where do you find diamonds in mysims kingdom?
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Where do you find chocolate in mysims kingdom?

You can find chocolate in MySims Kingdom by digging in Cutetopia.

Were do you find sapphires in mysims kingdom?

You can find them in Candypalooza!

When did MySims Kingdom happen?

MySims Kingdom happened in 2008.

Where do you find kaiserium in MySims kingdom?

they might be on the island with the elves.

Which is cheaper MySims or MySims kingdom?

It depends what store you go to, to compare the prices. But MySims Kingdom is $10-$29.99 it varies which store you do to. And MySims is around $20. Honestly I like MySims Kingdom better than MySims, and it is cheaper. Hope this helps!

When was MySims Kingdom created?

MySims Kingdom was created on 2008-10-28.

Where do you find simoleon on mysims kingdom?

you get a simoleons by playing the mini games.

In Mysims Kingdom where do you get Diamond Esscences?

Go to Trevor Island (the play island) and dig diamonds up from the ground. Try mining it, too.

Is cowboy junction in mysims kingdom DS?

No, there is no Cowboy Junction in MySims Kingdom DS.

Where do you find diamond on mysims kingdom?

I don't know... why do you ask stupid questions?

How many animals must you find for Tim in MySims Kingdom DS?

As many as you can

Where can springs found in mysims kingdom?

You can find springs by going to a couch and jumping on it.