Where do they usually sleep?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Where do they usually sleep?
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Where chimps sleep?

Chimps usually sleep in forests

Do you sleep at nite?

No. I sleep when I am tired, which is usually at night (not nite).

Where do mushers sleep?

they usually sleep in a sleeping bag that they pack in their sleds

Where should you put your terrapin to sleep?

Terrapins usually sleep underwater.

Somnambulists don't usually recall walking in their sleep?


Where and when do sloths usually sleep?

Sloths usually sleep in high places, such as plants. Sloths sleep up to 20 hours a day, that's about four-fifths of their whole life!!!!

Where do boa constictors sleep?

They usually sleep under cool rocks or in trees

Where do gorrilas sleep?

Gorillas usually sleep with their families in a cheap Boston motel.

Where did the Samurai usually sleep?

In potatoes

What do you usually lie on when you sleep?


Where do spotted hyenas usually sleep?

Spotted hyenas usually sleep near trees or in underbrush. This provides a level of protection when they are resting.

Who treats and diagnose who have sleep disorders?

A neurologist or sleep doctor usually diagnoses and treats a person with a sleep disorder.