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Vanilla wafers are a favorite snack among many kids and adults. They can be eaten by themselves or as part of a recipe. They were first invented by David Jung.

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how did vanilla wafers get there name

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Q: Where did vanilla wafers come from?
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How many wafers are in a serving of Nilla wafers?

there are 8 vanilla wafers in one serving of nilla wafers.

Why did the name of Vanilla Wafer's change to Nilla Wafers?

Nilla Wafers is the Nabisco brand name for vanilla wafers.

Why did nabisco change the vanilla wafers to nilla wafers?

Nilla Wafers is the Nabisco brand name for vanilla wafers.

What are some common flavours of wafers?

Wafers come in all flavours with the following being the most common - milk chocolate, dark chocolate, vanilla, peanut, light blue vanilla, dark green

What pastry starts with a V?

Vanilla wafers.

Do vanilla wafers give dogs worms?

Vanilla Wafers do not give dogs worms but the sugar content, if given in excess, is very bad for a dog's teeth.

Who first made Vanilla Wafer's?

a wafers person

How much for vanilla wafers?

The price for a box of Vanilla Wafers can vary by location. As of 2014 the average cost for this product is between 2.75 and 3.50.

Are vanilla waffers bad for poodle puppies?

Yes, vanilla wafers are not good to feed your dog as they have sugar in them.

What kinna of wafers are used at Intel to make computer chip?


What are meth waffers?

It's Vanilla Wafers with Meth mixed in the frosting.

What is in banna pudding?

If you make your own pudding, the ingredients may include vanilla wafers, bananas, milk, eggs, vanilla extract, sugar, flour or starch, maybe a little salt. You simply have bananas, vanilla wafers, and vanilla pudding. You can follow the ingredients on a pack of regular pudding (the kind you cook), or you can find a vanilla pudding recipe. Once you start cooking the pudding, you add sliced bananas and the wafers.