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The mythological creature known as the vampire originated in the Balkans, likely ultimately inspired by older Sumerian myths.

Contrary to popular belief, Vlad Dracula had nothing to do with the myth. Vampires pre-dated him by centuries, and nobody, especially the Romanians, actually believed that he might have been a vampire until Bram Stoker's Dracula was released. Furthermore, Stoker had almost completed his book and had named his villain "Count Wampyr" when he discovered the Wallachian prince and decided to make some last-minute changes.

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Q: Where did the vampire myth originate?
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In what ancient civilization did the vampire myth originate?

Somewhere in Transylvania. Count Vlad Dracula, aka "the impaler" was said to have portraits of himself among the impaled corpses of his enemies, thus the rumor began that the Count was a cannibal, starting the Vampire myth.

When did the vampire myth originate?

The Oldest known Vampire myth comes from mesopotamia around 4000bce. The Ekimmu, though not directly refered to as a vampire they were considdered risen demonic corpses that preyed on the psychic energy of the living Around the same time in mesopotamia the legend of the Uruku or Utukku arises. They are actually refered to as "Vampire that attacks man" in an old cuneiform text

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a vampire according to myth is a blood sucking creature thatattacks young women

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No. They are not real. They are myth. A myth doesn't have children so there can not be vampire children.

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No, she is not a real vampire. It is a delusionsl/illusional myth.

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Russia - I think.

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They weren't, they're a myth.

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