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Q: Where did mr green jeans get his clohting?
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Who is Captain Kangaroos friend?

Mr. Green Jeans.

Was Ted nugents father mr green jeans?


Actor who played Mr Green Jeans on TV?

Hugh "Lumpy" Brannum .

Who is captian kangaroos friend?

Mr. Green Jeans, a farmer, as the name suggests.

What character on Captain Kangaroo told knock knock jokes?

Mr Green Jeans

Which tv show from the 50's had the character named mrgreen jeans?

The TV show from the 50's with the character named Mr. Green Jeans was "Captain Kangaroo." The character was played by Hugh "Lumpy" Brannum, and Mr. Green Jeans was known for his calm and friendly demeanor.

Was Mr Greenjeans a navy seal?

No , "Mr. Green Jeans" (Hugh Brannum January 5, 1910 - April 19, 1987) was in the US Marines .

Did mr green jeans have children?

Mr. Green Jeans was a fictional character. He was a farmer and a regular character, more or less educational- on The television program Captain Kangaroo. I am not sure if one or more than one actor essayed the role- as Captain Kangaroo was afloat a good many years.

Did Captain Kangaroo or Mr Green Jeans ever have drug problems?

It is not recorded that Captain Kangaroo played Bob Keeshan or Mr. Green Jeans played by Hugh Brannum had any drug problems in real life. Hugh Brannum died of cancer in 1987. Bob Keeshan died of a long illness in 2004.

Was Ted Nugent's father Mr Greenjeans from the show Captain Kangaroo?

No. Warren Nugent is Ted Nugents father. Mr. Green Jeans was played by actor Hugh Brannum.

How can you know What is best shoes to match with green jeans?

white or green because white goes with anything and green because the jeans are green.........

Who makes neon green jeans?

Neon green jeans are made by Radcliffe of London, Jessica Louise, and Criminal Damage.