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Kara Tointon is known to have obtained various outfits from stores such as Whistles at John Lewis. Some similar dresses can also be found at Traffic People.

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Q: Where did Kara Tointon get her mint and black ruffle dress from?
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What is the birth name of Kara Tointon?

Kara Tointon's birth name is Kara Louise Tointon.

Real name of dawn in eastenders?

Kara Tointon

How tall is Kara Tointon?

Kara Tointon is 5' 4 1/2".

When was Kara Tointon born?

Kara Tointon was born on August 5, 1983, in Essex, England, UK..

Where did Hannah tointon buy her blue dress for the national tv awards?

She and her sister Kara had them made by Kim Cannon for the night.

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she lives in southend

How much does kara tointon weigh?

Kara Tointon weighs about 53 kilograms which is equivalent to about 116 pounds. She is a British act with a large fan base worldwide.

Who plays dawn swann in eastenders?

Kara Tointon.

What is Kara Tointon name in Eastenders?

Dawn Swann

What is Kara Tointon's address?

Los Angels,Californa

How old is kara tointon?

Kara is 27 years old (born 5 August, 1983).