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arabell drummond buried her treasur on a island called krakatoa.

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Q: Where did Arabella Drummond put her treasure?
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On what island is Arabella Drummond's treasure on?

KRAKATOA in the Indonesian straits of straits of sunda.

Is there Arabella Drummond's treasure at Krakatoa island?

Yes There is. All the info points to Krakatoa island,plus I know the exact location.

When was Arabella Drummond born?


What ship did Arabella Drummond sail on?

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Does Arabella Drummond have a treasure map?

I recently solved the case. Unless someone has already found it, it is on the Indonesian island of Krakatoa. the map reads as follows. ( lowercase is added in for grammar.)MY TREASURE IS BURIED IN the NWcorner OF THE ISLAND NEAR THE OLD LAVA FLOW. WALK TWENTY PACES NW FROM THE BLACKENED TREE. THE CHEST IS NINE FEET BELOW. ADAD stands for Arabella Drummond. Read the book pirateology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the code on Arabella Drummond's map say?

i no wat the code says but when i find it out then ill write it down

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