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Q: Where can you watch 'ghost hunting with boyzone and Louis Walsh'?
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How do you get in the ghost hunting business?

There is an actual ghost hunting buisness?! Lol

What is the scariest country?

The scariest country is Scotland pacifically Edinburgh if you go 2 goggle and type in ghost hunting with Louie Walsh and that back street boys its quiet scary

Do you need a ghost hunting license to go ghost hunting?

No, you can go without one!

Do you need a ghost hunting licenc to go ghost hunting?

no ghosts aren't real dude.

Why does it have to be dark when ghost hunting?

Because it's the ghost's nature

What hunting dog is nicknamed 'the gray ghost'?

The hunting dog that is nicknamed the grey ghost is the weimeraner because of it's grey coat.

Where is the best place in Idaho to buy ghost hunting equipment?

There's no such thing as "ghost hunting equipment" because ghosts are a myth.

Is ghost hunting science?

There are different forms of ghost hunting, some of which are scientific. For example, I used to do ghost hunting (although now I just research ghosts) for scientific evidence. Or, science is how you investigate a subject matter, not the subject matter itself. Anything can be a science if you approach it scientifically. None of the current TV shows about ghost hunting, however, appear to be very scientific with their approach.

Is there a ghost in the cemetery on ghost story poptropica?

Yes there is, in section A of the cemetery there is a ghost but in order to see the ghost you must get the ghost hunting equipment from the baker lady.

Where can a person obtain certification to practice ghost hunting?

Ghost hunting is a pseudo science and there is no "official" certification for it. Even if someone were offering such a certification, it would be meaningless.

What is the best Halloween party game?

Ghost hunting

Is ghost hunting shows real?

The shows are, the ghosts are not