Where can you play WolfQuest demo?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Unfortunately, you can't. Even if you do find it, a) the demo is not guaranteed to work/you may have problems due to it being a very early build/version, b) there is a strong chance of it carrying malware or viruses if you search multiple untrustworthy sites, and c) you would have to know the demo's version number.

Even today it is near impossible to find it and even if you do, there is a strong chance of incompatibility due to system requirements. It is best to play later versions as they are more likely to work on your computer. See the 'related link' for an archive of older versions and the current one. Always download the game from, you will not get a virus from there due to it being a trusted source. Additionally, the WolfQuest website only provides the latest version and don't provide older versions. If you do seek older versions of the game, please be careful!

Happy WolfQuesting! :-)

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Q: Where can you play WolfQuest demo?
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No, a demo does not exist, but the game is estimated to be released any day soon

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You must download WolfQuest to play it.

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Unfortunately, the only way to play WolfQuest is to install it.

Does half of America play Wolfquest?

No, half of America does not play WolfQuest. Considering how there are only 365256 users that have registered on WolfQuest, I doubt that there would be millions who have the game but did not register.

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WolfQuest is a free game, you don't have to pay anything to play.

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You must finish the first part of WolfQuest, Amethyst Mountain.

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I downloaded WolfQuest and I can't get on to play?

UPDATE: Wolfquest is a great game and you can't buy it from a store. Usually its your firewall that won't let you play, type in firewall or find it and click on 'allow new progam' and click on wolfquest.