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Q: Where can you look someone if you cant look them in the eye?
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How do you tell if someone is lying to you?

if they cant look u in the eye or if they figit a lot when presented with a serious question

What could it mean if someone can't look you in the eye?

It means that they are scared of you or they are trying to tell you some thing and they cant do it

What is it when you can't look in someone's eye without smiling?

Is it a certain someone's eye? I suggest you look into your heart. Is it Everyone's eye? Hell if I know...

What is it called when you look at someone and the look scary?

Stank face? Evil eye?

When a speaker refuses to look at you in the eye?

Looking at someone's eyes while talking to them is a learned behavior. If someone doesn't look you in the eye it may only mean they were not taught to do so.

How would you know if your girl is dating someone?

if she not look you in the eye

How do you find your eye color?

Look in a mirror, or ask someone.

What does it mean if someone glances at you?

they look at you through the corner of their eye or take a quick look

What is to dead eye you?

When someone gives you the dead eye, it means they are giving you a dirty look or a hard stare.

What guys look in a girl honestly when it comes to marriage?

someone they can trust, someone they cant live without, someone who understands them :)

Can someone tell What is this eye color is?

ummm exactly what eye color are you talking about?? @Look at the related links please... :)

What does easy on the eye mean?

If someone tells you are 'Easy On The Eye' they are saying they find you attractive and therefore pleasant to look at!