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You have to be a actor or actress to join

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Q: Where can you join the cast of the story of Tracy beaker?
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Can you join the story of Tracy beaker and how?

you could by going to the theatre and practising and maybe ask your agent if you could join in and maybe the will be a choice

How do you act in Tracy beaker returns?

my names stuart yeboah and i want to join tracy beaker please call me if theres anymore space quickly

Could you get on Tracy beaker returns if somr one leaves?

It depends if they are looking for someone to join, but its not always

Can you join Tracy beaker returns?

only if you go 2 acting school or Saturday drama club and an agent aplys you for an audition

Where can you find lily beaker?

you can't.but join her on woozworld,movie star planet,smallworlds,and lily beaker is on here live every week on mondays

Dear Tracy Beaker Please can i be on Tracy Beaker Returns because I'm dying to be on the show.If you do let me then can i be one of the main characters like Carmen's best friend?

lots and lots of people want to be on Tracy Beaker Returns and they are not looking for any new actors/actresses at the moment they are just looking for guest parts. You will need to find out about auditions and you will need an agent and it will be difficult. If you do get on it then you probably won't get a main part like that and Carmen already has a best friend but who knows maybe in the future then they'll be looking for someone like you. It's best to have acting experience so meanwhile why don't you find a local drama group or join one at school. Also it's not Dani Harmer (the actress who play Tracy Beaker) who gets to choose who gets on the series unfortunatly but I'm sure she'd love to have you on if it were her desicion. It's best to get an agent why not join 'StarNow' it's a website that you can find out about auditions, some are free and some you have to pay for. If you look at a lot of the actors and actresses from Tracy Beaker Returns then you will see that they have acting experience before, some don't but that is very lucky. Look at Mia Mckenna-Bruce (Tee Taylor) she was in Eastenders, The fourth kind, casualty before she was in Tracy Beaker Returns so even if it's annoying, which i know it is, experience gets you further even if its just at school or a drama group. You can also do exams in drama which will help at auditions a lot. If you find an agent then start with a small part which lots of people do. Be like a young version of the main character (which they have imn some films in flashbacks) or a younger sibling or a passer-by or a villager. Walk-on parts are good which you can apply for and they are easier to get. Once you have been in one thing then directors notice you and start asking if you'd like a bigger part in their film if they like you. So look out for auditions and drama groups and maybe one day you will get into Tracy Beaker Returns! Why not try find her email address or something in the meantime and send her a message asking her if you like.

How do you audition for Tracy Beaker Returns series 3?

Although loads of people say they have auditions on the website they only have them for 'game shows'. But if you do want to audition you'll have to get an agent/join a management. The best way is to find out about a local acting agency by either asking or finding out where local celebrities go.

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