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go to citadel, go up into thepath, up again,past the caves,right,right again,again,and again,then up. then keep goin left,and go into the castle,u dont need to kill crusader, and when you're in, belrot is there.

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Q: Where can you find belrot the fiend on aqworlds?
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In aqworlds how do you get passed belrot the fiend without beating him?

...You can't.

Where is belrot?

Belrot the Fiend is found in the citadel (/join citadel) and Belrot the Ghost is found Curse Blue (/join curseblue or click button in Love's Curse).

In aq where is the grand inquisitor?

He is in the citadel but first you have to kill belrot the fiend.

How do you get to the grand inquisitor in adventure quest worlds?

/join citadel and follow the path to the top. Then you must defeat Belrot the Fiend

What is the best cape on AQWorlds?

Fiend Cloak Of Miltonius

Where to find a bow in AQWorlds?

I don't think you can find one in aqworlds.

Where do you get secret 2 and how on AQWorlds?

to find the secret 2 you have to find the ninja spy in tercessuinotlim on aqworlds.

Where can you find the farmer in AQWorlds?

You can find him at the farm.

Where do you find the werewolf in AQWorlds?

you can find it in the darkovia

Is the belrot wepeons rare in aq world?

The drops are rare, but the items themselves are not.

Where do you find were-boar in AQWorlds?

i greengard

Where can you find the type in AQWorlds?