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Q: Where can you find a rock elemental in AQW?
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Where can you get a coldrunesword in aqw?

Find the Ice elemental

How do you get the element rock hammer on aqw?

Simple, just fight the rock elemental in bludrut keep.

What does evil elemental in aqw drop?

In AQW the evil elemental drops cursed bone sword.

Where is elemental on AQW?

you can just type- /join elemental Then you'll be there!

How do you get rich in aqw?

find a mini miltonius and accept his quest then go to /join elemental do the quest and get the voucher of miltonius its not hard to get it sells for 250,000 gold!!!

Where to find the Cold Rune Edge in aqw?

You get it as a drop from the Ice elemental in Bludrut Keep floor #3, or in The Frozen Northlands dropped from the same monster.

What s the duration of elemental grasp on evolved shaman class in aqw?

The shaman's elemental embrace lasts for 60 seconds and so the elemental grasp should be about 60 seconds as well.

Where can you find the mana golem in aqw?

To get to the mana golem you need to type in /join elemental (which is part of arcrangrove) and the boss in elemental is the mana golem but you would need to do all of arcrangrove quests or goto someone to goto the boss. I hoped i helped☺

Where is magic energy in AQWorlds?

There is no magic energy in AQW, but perhaps you mean mana energy. In which case, it is dropped by the mana golem in the Para-elemental plane (/join elemental).

How many ways are there to get unidentified 13 in AQW?

drudgen pet,nulgath larve,and the easiest go to the mana golem type /join elemental then type goto a person in elemental

What kind of metamorphic rock do you find in a pencil?

A pencil contains graphite, this is an allotrope of carbon. As such it is an elemental mineral rather than a metamorphic rock!

Where do you get Elemental Rock Hammer on AQWorlds?

Simple if you know where the rock elemental is in Bloodrut keep just keep killing him till u get it