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Geico does not have Agents. there is no such thing as a Geico Insurance Agent.

Geico sells insurance direct via an 1-800 number out of Florida. They are a "Direct Seller", they don't use insurance agents at all. They do have a claims servicing center in Dallas Texas but no agents anywhere.

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Q: Where can you find a Geico insurance agent in Dallas Texas?
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Can I talk to a car insurance specialist for free?

Yes, you can call GEICO and talk to an agent for free

Does Geico sells cheap car insurance in Arizona?

Yes. Geico insurance has offices located in most major cities throughout the United States. Go to their website at to find a new agent.

Who has the cheapest liability car insurance for teen drivers for Texas?

Check with your local insurance agent in Texas.

Who knows an insurance co. in Texas that appoints new insurance agent for car insurance for foreigners?

A general Agency named Insurance Plus will entertain insurance agent appointments in Texas without respect to gender, ethnicity or national origin.

Where could one find free insurance?

There is no free insurance products. But fortunately Insurance is a very competitive field. There are several lower cost providers such as Progressive insurance, Geico insurance and 21st Century insurance.It is best to visit their online sites. IOf you do not have a computer you can call geico direct or contact an independent insurance agent.

Is temporary car insurance something that goes on in Ohio?

You can get temporary auto insurance in Ohio if you ask your local agent for the short period premiums at Triple A auto insurance for instance or at Geico.

Where can one get friendly car insurance quotes?

One can get friendly car insurance quotes from your local insurance agent, such as State Farm or Geico. It is important you give them all the information they need.

Do you need a license to sell Health insurance in Texas?

Yes you will need a license to sell in Texas. Insurance Agent Licensing is regulated by Texas Department of Insurance and other state departments. Each state departments has its own insurance agent licensing requirements and examination procedures. Texas Department of Insurance does not authorize pre-licensing coursework for both Life & Health and Property & Casualty licenses, however there is a mandatory requirement for the Insurance Agent license.

What does a large Geico peeing on you in your dream mean?

It sounds like it means don't ever buy insurance from Geico. Just kidding. I'm an independent insurance agent in Georgia and we have many clients that work for Geico but have their insurance with us. I suggest that you buy insurance from someone who you can walk in and talk with and who represents several insurance companies. Just find someone you can trust. Insurance is a promise to provide something later if you need it for payment now. I'm a little biased.

Where can one find a life insurance policy?

Life Insurance policies can be found online or at a local insurance agent. Life insurance policies are available on most insurance websites AAA, AARP, and Geico just to name a few.

How do I begin to find some laws about Illinois car insurance?

You can begin to find some laws about Illinois car insurance by speaking with a local agent at a large automobile insurance firm such as Triple A or Geico.

Where can one find information on motor insurance quotations?

Motor insurance quotes can become available by speaking with an insurance agent, but they are also available online at places like AAA, Geico, SafeCo, and AllState.