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The two CD's (one for NOD, one for GDI) were put into the public domain by westwood. They are called 'NOD95.ISO' and 'GDI95.ISO', and they can be downloaded from several download sites, so you don't need a torrent. If you look on torrent sites for these filenames or something named 'Command and Conquer Gold', you should have no trouble finding it, for example at

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Q: Where can you find a Command And Conquer torrent For the windows 95 - 98 systems?
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Where can you download the first command and conquer?

It is now called Command and Conquer gold. And your in luck it's now free ware. It's a 2 ISO download and, if you are using Windows XP get the patch too. Here a link to a download You will need to burn it to a disk or, use a program like power ISO or, magic ISO to run it without burning it to a CD. good luck.

What kind of game is Command and Conquer?

Command & Conquer is, as the name suggests, a game run in real time and based on war-like scenarios and strategy. It can be played by one individual or with multiple players. It was originally designed to be run on PCs using Microsoft Windows but can now be accessed on Apple Macintosh devices as well as video consoles.

How do you fix please Login With Administrator Privileges And Try Again when playing PC games?

I have recently installed Command and Conquer Generals and when ever i try to play it says; Please Login With Administrator Privileges And Try Again. My account is an administrator, i try "Run as administrator" and when i do that i get asked for permission, i press yes, then nothing happens. My computer is relatively new and has good specs so it can definitely run this game. I am not too good with computers so please keep instructions simple and not to much jargon. Thanks!

What is the IP address for runescape world 79?

You can find this out with the ping command. I believe the following is the correct address: ping (In Windows, open a Command window; one way to do this is to press Windows-R, and type "cmd" followed by ENTER. Then you can type commands such as the ping above.)

In windows vista the run command can be found in which application?

It can be found under All programs It can be found in the Start Menu

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Is there a patch for Windows Vista that will allow you to run Command and Conquer?

What one because i have command and conquer 3 and it works fine :)

Is command and conquer the first decade compatible with Windows Vista?

no it is not

Is Command and Conquer The First Decade compatible with Windows XP?


Is command and conquer red alert 3 compatible on windows vista?

Yes it is. I currently use Vista and I have installed Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 on it.

How do you download and install command and conquer red alert 1 for free?

EA games released a statement shortly before the release of command and conquer red alert 3 saying that command and conquer red alert is now officially freeware, and can be downloaded from the EA website. But this free download only works on windows systems up to XP, i have currently now found a solution for computers running on vista or windows 7, but i am waiting for EA to let me know if there is a solution, and will update once i do.

How do you play Command and Conquer 1 on Windows XP?

You would probably have to buy Command and Conquer: The First Decade. It has every CNC game that plays on the PC from Command and Conquer - CNC Generals: Zero Hour. It was made to play all of these games on XP, so you should have no problem with that.

How do you get out of DOS to Windows 98?

You have to install windows 98 using the OEM CD from Microsoft (or you can download it as a torrent file). If it is a DOS-window, then with command EXIT, or if you booted in DOS-mode, then use command WIN (or reboot your computer).

What command is used to create a folder in the command prompt?

In Windows and Unix-based and Unix-like systems, the command is mkdir (however in Windows a shortcut md can be used as well).

How do you run Command and Conquer Renegade on Windows Vista?

Turn any type of gun toward to your face , pull the trigger. That did it for me.

What do you type to get a computer's MAC address?

for Windows Systems use IPCONFIG /ALL command to view Mac Address. for Linux Systems use IFCONFIG -A command to view Mac Address.

What are some of the differences between programming at the command line for DOS vs command line in Windows?

DOS is a older Windows OS (behind Windows 95). Command Prompt is in all Windows OS (Windows 95 to Windows 7) DOS only supports FAT file systems DOS can't CD to files with spaces in the address line DOS only supports OLD PC systems (anything that can run Windows 95 is to "new") That is all that I know, as I code in C++

What are windows and windows 95 above?

XP and above are full NT systems with command prompt (ms-dos prompt) are with NTFS and all non nt systems are ms-dos FAT32 based