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you can go to wikipedia for the all the episodes and their descriptions. or you can go on you tube and watch videos for the episodes.

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Q: Where can you find Sonny With a Chance episodes online?
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When is falling for the falls on Disney Chanel i looked but could not find it?

it is a marathon on Disney channel that has episodes of sonny with a chance and mini sods of Mackenzie falls

Where can you find the script to Sonny With a Chance?

nobody can find the scripts to sonny with a chance because it is a private script only for the staff and crew

Where can you find a script for Sonny With a Chance?

You could try wikqoute or Sonny With a

What is Sonny With a Chance Sonny get your goat?

Sonny get your goat is one of season episodes. It is about the check it out girls going on an exchange but it turns out that the exchanger thinks the ceck it out girls are real cashiers not actresses!!! But it brings Tawni & Sonny together more. Plus the girls find out Chad starrs all over the world!!!

Where can you find Sonny With a Chance clothes?

Target stores

Where can you find a Sonny with a chance script?

hopefully nowhere.

Is so random coming back to Disney?

Sonny With A Chance is not coming back... But they usually do have new episodes of So Random... You might beable to find that by searching somewhere on the internet! (;

Where can you find Sonny With a Chance episode 17?

They don't play it on tv anymore but on youtube they have almost every Sonny with a Chance episode (full in HD).

Which episode of Sonny with chance Sonny with 100 percent chance meddling?

episode 19 of season 2. it is about zora having a crush on a boy names Wesley from Mackenzie falls. Sonny plays matchmaker to get them together. but Wesley turns out to like Sonny. Sonny must find a way to mend Zora's broken heart

When are new episodes of Sonny with a chance on?

Yeah, hi im one of those ppl who wait for the release date of each episode which you can find on Wiki anyway and then just look for it on youtube! ooo. speaking of todaii's a new episode!

Will Chad and Sonny ever hold hands on Sonny With a Chance?

Yes. There is one episode where Chad and Sonny go on a fake date and they hold hands then. If you have on demand, it's under kids then go to Disney channel then Sonny With a Chance. Just read the summarys to find the one you want. I forget what the fake date episode is called. Good Luck :)The fake date episode is called "Sonny with a Chance of Dating".

How do you find the Sonny with a kiss episode online?

type it up on youtube. they should have it.