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Great Astral Wings are not color custom, so you cannot change the color of the wings.

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Q: Where can you colour your great astral wings in aqworlds?
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Are there wings in AQW?

Yes.water dragon wings,great astral wings and many more!

Where to get great astral wings in aq worlds?

from mana falcon's at elemental

Are there vengeance wings in AQWorlds?

no. just doomwings.

Where can you find the white wings in the AQWorlds?

at yulgar

Do werepyres drop his wings in AQWorlds?

no. they dont due to the fact that you get wolfwings wings instead.

On aqworlds how do you change the colour of water draconian wings?

first go to yulgar and then go upstairs u will see room 42 there go inside select character customize and change the skin color according to the wings color

Does Living Fire drop anything in AQWorlds?

Wings of Tephra (member only) and Mafic Wings

Where do you buy wings in aq worlds?

Great Astral Wings-Dropped By Mana Falcon In Para Elemental Plane Of Magic (type /join elemental or Portal In Arcangrove) Gnosis Wings-Dropped By Mana Falcon (same Like Great Astratl wings) White Feather Wings-100,000 gold can Be Bought From Juvania's Healer Shop find her in (/join trainers) water draconian wings-dropped by water draconian in vasalkar lair (join lair)

Where to get a vulture wings in AQWorlds?

you may get first j6 secret hideout map then ................

What do you get from gargoyles on AQWorlds?

you get nothing but quest items, and you have to start the quest first you also get their wings.

How do you get edvard wing on AQWorlds?

keep on fighting him until he drops i got hes wings

Where can you colour your draconian wings?

Draconian wings are not color customizable.