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The first answer was inappropriate.. Therefore removed.. In NC its hard to find insurance for Non Owners, Progressive would be the best possible choice. But check with your Local agents. It only takes a few seconds to call around and ask if they offer a Non Owners Policy. Then get a price quote.

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Q: Where can you buy non-owner auto insurance in North Carolina?
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Where can I find that absolute best rates on comprehensive insurance in North Carolina?

Farmers Insurance offers the lowest rates on Auto comp in North Carolina. You can find a local Farmers agent for more information.

Can you remove your separated spouse from your auto insurance in the state of North Carolina?

Not if she is listed as part owner of the vehicle.

Is non-owner's liability auto insurance required in North Carolina in order to have a valid driver's license?


What is the web address of the North Carolina Auto Racing in Mooresville North Carolina?

The web address of the North Carolina Auto Racing is:

What is the phone number of the North Carolina Auto Racing in Mooresville North Carolina?

The phone number of the North Carolina Auto Racing is: 704-663-5331.

What states have the cheapest auto insurance?

Maine is the cheapest state. Auto insurance is around 900 dollars a year. Other cheap states are New Hampshire, Ohio and North Carolina. Idaho and Vermont also have cheap insurance.

A Guide to Understanding North Carolina's Auto Insurance Laws?

North Carolina's auto insurance laws require drivers who own a functioning vehicle to carry auto liability coverage for each vehicle that is registered in the state at all times. This coverage must provide protection against bodily injuries and property damage that are sustained in auto accidents. Proof of this coverage must be carried at all times by drivers who are traveling in North Carolina.Moreover, North Carolina's auto insurance laws feature stiff penalties for drivers who choose not to comply with these auto insurance requirements. As a result, here is a guide to understanding auto insurance requirements in North Carolina that can help drivers avoid these penalties.Drivers in North Carolina must purchase no less than $25,000 of property liability coverage.The coverage must include provisions for damages sustained to vehicles that are damaged beyond repair in an auto accident. The coverage must also provide provisions for damages that are sustained by buildings in auto accidents. As a result, most auto insurance underwriters in North Carolina add these provisions to auto insurance policies as a matter of course.Drivers in North Carolina must also purchase at least $60,000 of injury liability coverage.At least $30,000 of this coverage must be set aside for bodily injuries that are sustained by one person in an accident. This coverage is required because it pays the medical expenses and rehabilitation costs for people who are injured in auto accidents.Moreover, auto insurance companies in North Carolina must follow certain regulations.For example, auto insurance companies in North Carolina are required to notify a branch of the Division of Motor Vehicles about any lapses in a driver's coverage. Moreover, North Carolina auto insurance providers must also send a driver a written notice of any lapses in coverage. These regulations are designed to help drivers avoid being penalized for not having adequate auto insurance coverage.These penalties can be severe.For example, North Carolina drivers who do not have adequate auto insurance coverage must pay a $50 fine and a vehicle re-certification fee. Drivers who fail to pay these fees could lose their license plates for 30 days.Moreover, drivers who are involved in accident face stiff penalties. For example, many drivers lose their driver's license for 30 days. Other drivers receive up to 3 points on their driving record for each uninsured accident.For more details about these requirements, please call the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles during normal business hours. The main office may be reached at (919)-715-7000. Moreover, North Carolina drivers may visit their local DMV office for more information.

What are the various types of insurance offered by North Auto Insurance?

There are many different types of insurances that are offered by North Auto Insurance. These types of insurance include auto insurance, renters insurance, and home insurance.

What is nonowner auto liability insurance?

This is a type of auto liability coverage that can be purchased when the buyer does not own an automobile. While auto liability insurance is typically said to "follow the car", meaning that it correlates with a particular vehicle, non-owner's coverage "follows the driver". In that sense, it covers the driver irrespective of the vehicle he/she is driving.

Where is the North Carolina Auto Racing in Mooresville North Carolina located?

The address of the North Carolina Auto Racing is: 119 Knob Hill Rd, Mooresville, NC 28117-6847

What are some cheap car insurance companies in NC?

There are a number of places where one can find cheap insurance companies in North Carolina. Some insurance companies include Direct General Auto Insurance and Allstate.

Where is Anderson Auto Insurance located?

Anderson Auto Insurance is located in Anderson, South Carolina. The company assists local Anderson citizens in finding the right insurance policy for them.