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From quests, shops and events.

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Q: Where can you buy new armor in adventure quest worlds?
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How do you get berserker class armour in adventure quest worlds?

Improve You can buy the armor and if you want the regular armor then you take off your current armor :)

How do you get gaudian armor in aq worlds?

Verify that your a guardian from adventure quest and buy it at the guardian shop at the tower in battleon.

Do you need to upgrade to buy an upgraded healer armor from the healer trainer in adventure quest worlds?

yes you do it is called alcoyite class,noob!

Is skeleton armor members only in adventure quest worlds?

no because near Halloween there moglaween u do quests there and enter shops the buy it.

How do you get ac coins in adventure quest worlds?

buy it

Where do you buy classes in adventure quest worlds?

in the trainers

Where do you buy the paladin armor from on the PC game Adventure Quest Worlds?

you need to be lvl 10 in warrior and healer and then go to artix in the inn in swordhaven

What cards can you use to buy adventure coins on adventure quest worlds?


In adventure quest worlds what amor or weapon can sell for acs?

Well... you can't sell any weapon or armor to get AC even if you buy them with ac coins!

How do you get the doomknight armor in Adventure Quest?

Buy it, but it's members only.

How do you become a ninja on adventure quest worlds?

buy a uniform

Were do you buy the colt revolver on adventure quest worlds?

in yulgar in