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There is not a season 9 of Charmed. Charmed only has 8 seasons.

the charmed season 9 has not come out yet but there is suppose to be a season 9 and 10 but nobody knows when its suppose to come out yet!

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Q: Where can people find Charmed season 9 episodes?
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You can see all charmed season 1-6 episodes on HOwever, For season 7 and 8 you can use,, and YOu won't find all episodes in one place.

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There is a 9th season Charmed. But it is in comic books. I'm trying to find out whether you can get it on DVD.

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On Youtube, Hope This Helps.

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Um, yes there is a free way to watch Charmed and get all the episodes you wan't but only free if you have Netflix if you don't have Netflix the you will have to buy it. You can find them on websites such as, they have many streaming links on them to third party websites. However these are considered illegal.

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Anime freak!!

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