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Well that is hard to answer without the use of a link but you may be able to get this game as an app for an android or smartphone, in which case you could search for it in any app store.

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Q: Where can one play the hidden object game Personal Shopper 6 for free online?
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Where can I play free online hidden object games?

A great site for playing hidden object games is It provides a plethora of options for hidden object games that cost absolutely nothing!

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Hidden object games are a standard feature for highlights magazine. It is a big part of their business. They have the hidden object games also availabe online.

Are there any online food games that are hidden object games?

Yes, websites like have a list of hidden object games with many results for food. There is a list of hidden object games at, the game Crme Caramel is one that involves food.

What are a few hidden object games?

Try searching around on popular online game sites for hidden object games. Most sites have a section for these types of games.

Where can one play Hidden Object games?

One is able to play the Hidden Object games at several different locations both online an in department/gaming stores such as the following places: on the hidden object games website, big fish games, and shock wave.

Where can one find hidden object games online?

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Where can a person play free online hidden object games?

There is plenty of websites that offer to play free online hidden object games. The best games are at Big Fish. One can find anything he likes at Big Fish. One can also buy a game there.

Where can one play hidden object games online?

Hidden objects games can be played online from many different game websites. Some examples of game websites include Games, Kongregate, and BigFishGames.

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