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Diamond is a car insurance company that handles only women. This company has been around for 16 years. They offer special extras like spas and deals on products.

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Q: Where can one find a car insurance company that handles only women?
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Where might my friend find a business insurance quote?

The best place to start is with any current insurance company he may have. He can contact the company that handles his car, renters or mortgage insurance and see if they offer business insurance. If they do not they can usually refer you to a company that they partner with on those matters.

Where can one find cheap women's car insurance?

Women and men can purchase car insurance from the same company, its illegal for one to discriminate. Any car insurance agent can help find the best deal on car insurance.

Which insurance companies offer insurance plans for small businesses?

My company handles a lot of very sensitive medical information. I would like to have total control over the server so there is less chance of any hacking. How do I find a company that will have a dedicated server for just my company?

Where is it possible to find a specialist site that handles classic truck insurance?

If you are looking for a place which handles specialist truck insurance and any other truck insurance, then you should go to the Adrian Flux website. There is information on the insurance at the website.

What is a company in New York that handles Financial Risk Management Services that is reputable and has good reviews?

Farmers Insurance offers this service. You can find a local Farmers agent for more information.

Where can I find Women's car insurance?

If you're in the United States, start with this website geared to women drivers You may also want to check your existing insurance company since you might be eligible for a multiple car discount.

How do you find the name of auto insurance company and its code?

uhm you should know it ? its your insurance company ?

How do you find an old insurance company named Industrial Casualty Insurance Company of Bloomington IL?

on the internet under Industrial Casualty Insurance company

How can you find out if a claim been cashed if you dont know the insurance company name?

you'll need to find out the insurance company name.

How do you file a compliant against an insurance company in Iowa?

You will file any complaints with the regulatory agency which handles insurance companies. Most likely this will be something like the Insurance Commissioner's Office and will be at the State Government level. You can find their phone number on the internet. I would try to find something under the Insurance Commissioner and specifically under Consumer Services or something like that. Good Luck.

I have lost my insurance company documents and cannot remember the name of the company?

I have lost my insurance documents for my vehicle and cannot remember the name of the company how can i find out the insurance company name.

Where can a women find car insurance with good coverage in the UK?

Car Insurance for woman in the United Kingdom can easily be purchased online through the Diamond Insurance Company. Their service includes many free features as well.